Amira’s Artist Statement

I use photography as a means of self-expression and exploration. I enjoy looking at the world with a deeper gaze and discover things, shades and forms that would have otherwise been hidden from me . My goal is to use my camera like a lens, to open an unexplored world, places of curious visions, new perceptions and most importantly new stories. This exploration of the overlooked helps me engage more deeply with my surroundings. I delight in photographing people while they engage in ordinary living and places that exhibit some form of extraordinaire.

My love for travel and different cultures has enabled me to open to a wide variety of subjects and enriched my understanding of the world. With every shot I take be it people or places, I feel more and more immersed into my subjects.

The photographs of Faces and Places come from that immersion.  

‘In my art I feel similar, like a child wanting to create a playground where I am allowed to be myself, wild, uninhibited, filled with passion waiting to spill this energy onto the canvas.

I’m inspired by everything; sounds, colors, the sunlight reflecting off the leaves in a way that stirs some part in me that needs to reflect this back unto my artwork.

I love painting with acrylics and mixed media in abstract style, because it allows for more freedom. Collages are also a fun way to express my thoughts and satisfy my need to touch elements and collect items like leaves, paper articles, curiosities and everything that lets my inner child jump for joy.

With my digital art I combine photography and collage art into a whole new storytelling artwork.

All these mediums combined created a kaleidoscope of my personal impressions’

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