Amira’s Creative Outlet

Here are various galleries to Amira’s artworks.

Click on the image or button below to access Amira’s art galleries

Amira’s Digital Art

Some amazing digital artworks Amira created in Photoshop with artpieces and her photos.

Amira’s Watercolor Art

Some of Amira’s best watercolor artworks she created on paper.

Amira’s Photography

All kinds of great photos Amira took on her travels from around the world. People places and faces Amira adores.

Amira’s Drawings & Collages

These are a tiny collection of Amiras studies in drawing and her childlike experimenting in collage art.

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San Giorgio Maggiore ( Venice ) photographed & painted in PS by Amira El-Fohail My…

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Rumi Poems

And gorgeous nature movies I have stepped out this spring and made a lot of…

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Fractal Art

Do you like fractals? You know those visually stunning shapes that zoom endlessly… I do….

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A hobby turns into a passion I always loved watching time-lapse movies. I got a…

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