You have now entered the amazing world of Amira El-Fohail and her life with articles about updates, how she works and stories full of insights & inspirations.
Below are 3 categories to orient yourself to find relative subjects that might interest you and give you an inside look to this brand.

Let’s talk about business

This is Amira’s blog about business, branding and all the serious stuff.

Living Playing Learning

This is Amira’s blog about creativity, fun and how to’s.

Inspirational Quotes

This is Amira’s blog with great quotes for creatives to inspire and stay on course.


San Giorgio Maggiore ( Venice ) photographed & painted in PS by Amira El-Fohail My dear friends, these are truely amazing…

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Rumi Poems

And gorgeous nature movies I have stepped out this spring and made a lot of videos with the blossoms and trees…

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Fractal Art

Do you like fractals? You know those visually stunning shapes that zoom endlessly… I do. Right now I am playing around…

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A hobby turns into a passion I always loved watching time-lapse movies. I got a whole playlist on youtube with awesome…

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