Amira’s Drawings, Abstract Art & Collages

These are Amira’s Original Artworks, Drawings & Collages she has created over the past 10 years.

This is a selected collection of original Drawings and Collages created by Amira

Oil paintings, Acryl and Collages where created on canvas between 2012-2016

‘Romy’ is a portrait of one of my favorite actors Romy Schneider.
Collage art on paper


San Giorgio Maggiore ( Venice ) photographed & painted in PS by Amira El-Fohail My…

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Rumi Poems

And gorgeous nature movies I have stepped out this spring and made a lot of…

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Fractal Art

Do you like fractals? You know those visually stunning shapes that zoom endlessly… I do….

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A hobby turns into a passion I always loved watching time-lapse movies. I got a…

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