My New Years Resolution for 2019

Why I think 2019 is a great year to start something new in a BIG way.

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Are you in the habit of making new years resolutions ?

Do you feel that right now it’s a great time to start something new ? Well let me tell you, you feel right. The energies are great for new beginnings in a big way and I’m not saying this because of the new year. Believe me, it just happens to be a special year right from the first day!

Why do I say that?

First, I can feel it and second the astrological alignment tells me so.

The fact is, even though I’m not a professional astrologer, I do feel the energies of the times and i studied astrology for years to understand a few things. And let me tell you, there are several points i want you to know about.

On the first day of this year Mars has entered Aries!

What’s so significant about that, you ask? By itself i would say it’s the energy signature of a new beginning. The Aries point being transited by the planet of energy and forging ahead, is an excellent time to beginn something new with courage and enthusiasm. That by itself would suffice to bring on a new start of some kind.

But that is not all. We currently have 4 planets in their dignity which means they are in there own sign.Which means they are very comfortable right now. These planets are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune and without making this too complicated let me just emphasize that this is very rare and extremely auspicious for the greater collective.

Have you been working on yourself diligently in the background for years waiting to bust open? Have you carefully nurtured your inner dreams and visions you held for so long and just waited for the right time to share your gifts with the world?

I’m telling you, now is the time.

To go back to the planets, they are not only in their dignity but they are making aspects with each other. This tells me that there is a network
of unseen forces connecting the individual, so that we as a collective can work with them together in never before seen ways.

And i bet , you who reads these lines have been preparing for what is to come in the near future for a long time, haven’t you.

Like myself you are ready to make an entrance and shake things up a bit with your own style and talents. And let me remind you it is the time for that, but it takes work, persistence, determination and courage. And like i said, the energies are supportive of that now more then ever.

So no more waiting hoping and dreaming!

Now is the time to buckle up and put things to work. You have got to take the responsibility and the opportunity of a lifetime to get things done and make your mark.

We all came here for a reason and we’ve known for a while that thing have to change and now they will, but not by themselves. Forge ahead but with caution ( Mars with Saturn ). Dream big AND making them a reality trusting that we are supported ( Jupiter with Neptune).

I am so excited because I’ve been feeling the preparation for several months now and now it’s time to charge ahead. To begin anew !

What a perfect way to start the new year. It might come with a few challenges and I invite you to see them as opportunities, opportunities for growth.

What is your mission in life? What have you prepared for and are ready now to put on the table?

Even though I never make new years resolutions, this year it comes quite naturally. I resolve myself to step out and live the life I came to live.

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