What is real beauty

5 easy ways to be more beautiful

how to be more beautiful,what is real beauty?

What if there was a way to be exceedingly beautiful and what if there was an easy way to stay beautiful no matter what age.

There is of course ! Right now.

Sounds like a big promise ? It’s not.

The beauty is already within you, you only have to express it, let it show.

You may wonder, how? I’ll tell you, but not the usual : it’s in your genes your diet and lifestyle. And even though these ways of living are very important, they are not what I’m gonna share with you here.

What I share with you here are practices you probably heard about many times before. I’m here to remind you of them and I’m sure if you practice them, make them a way of life, they will benefit you in many ways and possibly make you remarkably beautiful.

“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out”. Jenn Proske

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💖 Here are my 5 suggestions on how to let your inner beautiful show:

1.Perceive the beauty within you and around you as much as you can. Maybe it’s easier at first to behold the beauty in others. Nature is also a great way to live this practice quite easily. There are countless things to adore and fall in love with. Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

2. This probably falls under the forever youth section, but youth =beauty, right? The key to being young and beautiful is to act young like there is no tomorrow. Be like a kid. Play like a kid, get excited about the little things in life, like kids do. In essence: let the kid in you out as much as possible and it will beautify you tremendously.

3. Laugh. Laugh out loud and most importantly laugh about yourself. There’s no better way in my opinion to stay more radiant and beautiful as when you have a great sense of humor. It feels great to laugh, doesn’t it.

4. Forgiveness kindness and love. Have you ever noticed that a critical and demeaning person looks unattractive? There eyes get small the mouth thin and hard and the skin sags. Well it does work the other way too, you know. Be kind, forgive easily and express your love. That will enliven your inner beauty like no other practice, i assure you.

5. Self appreciation. Yes, I think to appreciate and love oneself is actually beautiful.. It takes a lot of self appreciation to practice self care .
It will actually show in your actions and how you treat yourself. Maybe it helps to stand naked in front of the mirror and adore yourself.

💖 Of course to practice these may sound like a lot of work but I believe if you love life these come quite naturally. I have noticed that people who radiate beauty are at ease with themselves and in love with life. Know this: It’s in your attitude.

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