Print on Demand: Selling Customized Home ware products, T-Shirts, and More


Whether you are a writer, artist, entrepreneur or designer, the physical products are the best canvas for the construction of your creativity.

From backpacks to phone cases,t-shirts to posters, you can place an original and artistic spin on everyday products and make them best for the customers. Hence, if you are on the way of branding and marketing your unique talent you can start with a print on demand service.

this illustrates how easy it is

“Print on Demand” and its work.

 It is a method where you work with a partner for the customization of  products with your unique and artistic designs to sell them under your brand on a costumer-order basis.

It means you do not have to buy your products . Hence there is no requirement to purchase in bulk or hold an inventory for yourself.

Also, from printing to the shipping,the print on demand services after the sale is handled by the partner who supplies you the products. When everything is set, it requires only some clicks to complete an order when you made a sale. 

You can use print-on-demand services for the following purposes:

  • Test a new product for an already present business without involving the risks that come with the buying inventory or test a new artistic business idea.
  • Monetize your audience that you have built. Print on demand is the best option if you are an artist, YouTuber, or an influencer on social media who require spending your time in the creation of the content and not of completing the orders.
  • Creation of the original products for the customers niche. For instance the apparel for individuals who have a passion for animals.
  • Easy print of every day items like books, t-shirts, bags, shoes, phone cases, wall art, laptop skins, clocks, mugs, and many other things. You can send them as gifts to your loved ones, or you can also keep for yourself.

The Perks of Print on Demand

Print on demand services can be used for building a business that depends on the drop shipping model,where the shipping and products are handled by a third party, it is included in the most available methods in securing the products or starting an online business,but you should know about the perks before you are going to dive in.

  • Low investment, lower risk: it is quite easy to add or eliminate any product, apply your ideas as you are not holding any inventory.
  • Shipping is taken care of: Fulfillment and shipping are not in your hands but your supplier’s. You are only responsible for the customer service after every sale.
  • Create your products quickly:when you have the artistic design, you can make your products and put it for sales within no time.

Are you ready to start your unique print on demand business and don’t have a partner yet? Well there are many good drop shipping partners out there like Printify and Printful. I personally work with both and have good  experiences with them (will write more about that in a later article ). 

You can sign up with Printful today right here. Click the banner below !

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