How did I get started in the print on demand business?

How did i get started in print on demand, what is print on demand.Where can i get artprints.Pinting my art on products.

If you are here for the first time let me welcome you and introduce myself:

My name is Amira, I live in Europe as a self employed artist.

As you may have noticed this is a place of a very passionate woman for the arts, photography, travelling and life overall.

This site is mainly dedicated to creativity, the prints on demand business but also to life itself as I experience it and will share with you time and time again.

The way i got started with printing my art on products and drop shipping business as an entrepreneur, probably started years ago. I was mainly painting on canvas and later getting deep into photography. I had many phases in life and find myself often creating different styles and then combining several techniques into one art form.

For example: I travel quite a lot and take many pictures. View my gallery here. I later developed them and posted them on 500px etc., but noticed that there are many great ( much better ) photographers out there and a huge supply of photos nowadays. What to do with all those photographs i took? When i later started to apply Photoshop to my work and i was still doing some painting i simply started to combine these mediums. Photoshop is an excellent way to do just that.

There is a way to tell a story with photos and so I began to immersed myself in digital art and got inspired by Maggie Taylor,Christian Schloe and Mariana Palova .           

So a whole new art form developed quite by accident, even though i know i’m not the first or only one but i immediately felt im on the right path for me.

Simply stated: I am on a continuous path of development!

Right now I love digital art design and have found a great outlet in me through Photoshop. View my portfolio here

And let me tell you, after all these years of carrying a heavy camera and tripod around, developing thousands of photos, painting on fairly large canvases and not knowing where to store all of that. I am very pleased that now I can store all my work in a simple tiny chip and work on Photoshop in the comfort of my home.

OK ,you might be asking ’Is this your way of making a living as an artist?’

Let me tell you this: for now it is and it is a wonderful way to make a living ( never really liked that expression). And as you can read in my articles that to have a web space, is also a wonderful platform to share ideas stories and inspirations with you all.

Now, before I go I want to ask all of you to share your stories. Connect with me on pinterest and Facebook Page !

I ❤ to hear from you.

Are you creating fun digital artworks yourself and need resources ? Here’s one place where I found them for my artworks.

Premium design resources for creators at insane discounts.

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