What my business name means to me

Amira’s Artistry ~ A star is born

Hi there. My name is Amira El-Fohail and i am the host of this art site —AmirasArtistry.

I want to share with you why i chose this name and what it means to me.

But before we get into that, let me tell you that this is my first website and my first business name.

I am an artist and photographer for many years and i spent a lot of them traveling and doing art shows in various cities around the world. My favorite place i used to live in is San Francisco, a wonderful place for artists! I now live in Vienna, the city I was born in.

Up until recently i felt it was good enough to post artworks and photographs to public art sites like redbubble, fine art america etc. But suddenly in the fall of 2018 it hit me like a hammer that as an artist I must have my own web space and also a brand ! What a revelation !

You may wonder why it took me so long to think about this, but some of us are late bloomers,ok!

And you know what it is with us late bloomers ? Once it hits us, it hits us strong !

My branding process beginns

I immediately brainstormed about a great brand name. Yes i was going for something that would stur my heart.That’s right, something authentic and suitable for me. And then it was so simple and came to me so quickly!

My first name is Amira. Lovely isn’t it? I’m not being vain but i always loved my first name. It is an egyptian name, at least my father was egyptian, but it was my mother who chose it for me, bless her heart. Amira is a great name for an artist. It could be a name i gave myself, like a stage name. So I definitely want to keep it !

But not so much my last name, too difficult for anyone to pronounce or spell.

Now, of course, I’m an artist, very creative in various fields and I want to build a brand around my chosen niche.

First I was going for Amira’s Art, but let’s face it, that is boring and probably taken,right?

With so many interests in the arts i was going for an umbrella term and of course artistry is the one that goes wonderfully with Amira, doesn’t it !

That’s not all, both words start with an A and this is great when you design a logo.

I quickly realized that I can put the 2 capital A’s together to shape a heart.

And voilà, a brand was born and with it a great logo.

The only thing left for me to do was to look for a fun font on the internet that looks good when I put the A’s together and make a heart out of them.

The result :

Not bad for my first brand name and logo EVER.

What do you think?


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