Sisters in Artistry: Spotlight on Two Remarkable Women

The designs I created to testefy my love

I paint and also love photography. You can view my portfolio here. There are many artists that inspired me like Hundertwasser, Tamara De Lempicka and Max Ernst.

I suppose you could say I like artists that are very different from each other.

Aside from that, one thing’s for sure I love to inspire and BE inspired. It gives me great pleasure to leave a mark if you will.

More important than that: I love to share ideas and concepts.

Painters Musicians and Photographers have a big influence on me. Needless to say I live and breath the arts.

The first artist I want to talk about here who had an influence on my work is the great mexican painter

Frida Kahlo

Design by Amira El-Fohail of Frida Kahlo.
Frida is one of my favorite artists. I have taken her famous cover of Vogue and created this fun design in PS.

Frida Kahlos self-portraits are deeply personal, telling the story of her second miscarriage. That was something radical, never seen before. It touches me deeply. She said:

‘I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best’.

She had a traumatic life but i think that’s what makes her paintings so deep.

‘I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.’

Anyhow, I offer many cool products with my ‘Frida’ design you can choose from:

The second female artist that I love is singer/songwriter

Kate Bush

Some artists go under my skin like Kate Bush. Her songs are so unique and timeless. The lyrics are real- she’s a true genius. A

fter all those years listening to her songs and lyrics, I never got tired of her. She is ahead of her time.

You might not know her (her strongest period was the late 70’s and 80’s) but let me tell you it is worth looking her up and get into Kate.

But a word of caution: once you’ll really get into Kate Bush and her ingenious lyrics, you won’t be able to listen to those phony songs on the radio anymore!

I have created many different designs with her. These are the most fun and popular:

Kate Bush, which I adore, painted .
I love Kate Bush and this design is one of my favorites created with love (With LOGO)

And of caurse, there are many fun products I offer on this site like:

Now tell me. Did I inspire you to create fun designs with the people YOU admire?

Let me know about your creative projects and what you’ve tried in the past.

Are you looking for designer resources? Here’s an affiliate link to a site that has given me the right tools for Photoshop.


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