How I created my art designs

Now, at this point I am creating unique art designs with my own photos and artwork I’ve created but have not finished.

Let me show you an example:

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Here is a photo that i took in Venice. Nice, but there are so many photos out there of Venice, so I decided to go into Photoshop and create a story with it. I took an unfinished watercolor painting, photos of clouds and I got other helpful resources from here ➡

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I usually work on different pieces at once and try one thing with that and if it doesn’t work i put it in the other opened work in PS. I just keep trying and see what comes of it.

This one turned out to be especially nice. A cute little art design that many love so much and most importantly – it is unique !

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This I called ‘Lullaby ( Song of the universe )’. Here are some products available with this cute design.

Do you like my process ? Does it inspire you to take old photos or unfinished artworks out and create stunning digital art that you can print on every day products and then sell. There is an exiting market out there and many people are interested in new art forms.

Keep it up and keep creating. check out this site for resources

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