San Giorgio Maggiore ( Venice )
photographed & painted in PS by
Amira El-Fohail

My dear friends, these are truely amazing times we are living in!

Can you feel it? Are you aware of the mass awakening happening on the globe at this moment?

Does it excite you, or make you anxious? I am excited even though it has this uncertain flavour.

I am an artist who has worked on my spiritual awakening for a long long time now, or should I say, I’ve prepared for it… ( meditating a lot, releasing old outword states, spending time by myself in nature and writing poetry)

I want to share a short but deep poem with you that will hopefully lift your spirits and touch you within.

Here it goes:

You will recognize the invisible when you see it,

And you will remember the silence when you hear it;

You will awaken to the sight and the sound of your Self,

And find that all you ever sought for was here, always.

The One you were looking for is You;

And everything belongs to you, here and now.

You are the Wonderful; You are the Beautiful;

Perfection was only ever safe in Your hands,

And in Your heart;

And eternal God and all the mighty Cosmos Could find no lovelier place to live forever Than in You; As You;

Calling Itself by Your Name:

“I Am.”

I truely hope you’re all being well out there and that this poem supports you on your journey through uncertain territory.

Share with us, if you wish, how you feel about the world right now and how you have prepared until now to live a deeper more authentic life.

Do you have a poem to share with us? Please do so. It is wonderful to discover other artists/poems work.

Thanks for dropping in- until next time.


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