A hobby turns into a passion

I always loved watching time-lapse movies. I got a whole playlist on youtube with awesome time-lapse clips mostly in nature, moving clouds, the night sky or seascapes with boats rushing quickly over the water.

Here’s the thing, I am not a movie maker but I love photography! So I figured with those wonderful apps on my phone that are so helpful with videomaking why not try it myself? I work a lot with musemage App for video shooting and it got a timelapse feature that works really well.

If you are interested in starting out as time-lapse shooter I would definitely recommend this app.

As I said I have no experience but the love for natures beauty and the passion to try new things. So I took my iPhone to the test and stepped out on my balcony on a cloudy, windy day ( perfect to shoot passing clouds) and placed my phone between two glasses to hold it. I didn’t have a tripod for iPhones yet (now I do ).

It turns out that it was way easier to make as I thought considering I had no tripod and there were streetlamps and such in the way so I had to find the right spot as to get only the sky with fast moving clouds and no obscuring objects in the way.

See for yourself:

I’m not showing you this because it’s so great, it’s not, but to let you know how much fun it was to make.

Maybe you are considering making a time-lapse film or something else you have no experience in. Let me give you a bit of an encouraging push.

Just go ahead and do it!!

Even if it looks funny or strange to others-no matter. It’s the fun that’s important. And you know what, this was only my first try. I’ll go ahead and make many more time-lapse movies now I got a tripod and the weather is great.

I will let you in on my experiences and I encourage you to let me in on yours. OK!

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