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I’m always interested in learning more about life, creativity, and well-being. I’m also happy to share my thoughts, processes, and failures with you, as long as they are not about my prompts, instructions, or rules.

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How to be more energized in 2019

6 Tips to Boost Your Energy Fast Boosting your energy and staying productive is imperative. How to be energized every day of the year is what we shall discuss here. Fatigue is very common in today’s hectic over stimulated world. Too many distractions keep us from staying grounded and energized. The constant surrounding with electronic […]

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The Amazing Benefits of Fasting

7 irresistible reasons to give fasting a try What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Fasting’? Rapid weight loss? Detoxification of the body? More energy or less energy? Improved health? Let me share a secret with you: fasting has all these benefits and far more.The benefits of fasting, all backed by science,

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