How to be more energized in 2019

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6 Tips to Boost Your Energy Fast

Boosting your energy and staying productive is imperative. How to be energized every day of the year is what we shall discuss here.

Fatigue is very common in today’s hectic over stimulated world. Too many distractions keep us from staying grounded and energized. The constant surrounding with electronic devises and techno gadgets is draining. We need to go back to a more simplified life, enjoying nature and peaceful surroundings.

I want to share my experiences about energizing myself on a daily basis. These are practices that have become a normal routine for me and I hope you can include them in your daily routine as well.

But before i jump into the details let me say that I would love to read some feedback from you. Tell us in the comment section how you feel. Have you tried some of the suggestions I mention for yourself? Has it helped you? Let us know…

Now, let’s dive into some energizing secrets:

Exercise and/ or walk out side.

Nature is an energizer!
Even a slow walk may be the last thing on your mind when you’re fried from fatigue, but movement stimulates alertness in the brain, and sunlight provides your body with natural cues to promote wakefulness. Besides, nature is so soothing for the soul and wonderful to watch. I love to walk much more than do some exercise. I can feel the blood circulating through out the body when I walk, it feels so great. So spend more time in nature!

Power naps.

Take short but strengthening naps. Of course, when you’re very busy and around people, it’s hard to just lay down and nap. But whenever you can, just close your eyes and doze off a bit. It will give the body that needed rest.

Listen to lively music. 

Yeah, we all love music and upbeat sounds can really liven up the day. It helps also to move to the beat and start a little dance. In fact, this doesn’t only energize you but also brighten up the mood quite a bit. So let yourself go whenever you feel tense and tired and groove to the beat!

Super food & smoothies.

What we eat has a profound effect on our well being and performance. When you feel tired, it often has something to do with having eaten too much and/or heavy difficult to digest food. I could go on and on about that subject ( I have written about fasting here ) and let me assure you, it is important to watch your food intake. Try to eat light and healthy with a lot of fruits and juices. This will energize your body quickly.

Breath deeply. 

Yes it’s true, the breath is a vital energizer. And you know what? breathing purposefully and slowly also calms the nerves and soothes the soul! Go ahead, try it right now. Slowly breath in and out with close eyes for just a few minutes. You’ll be amazed how quickly it energizes your system.

Skip coffee. 

I know this is a hard one for many but I think that coffee is actually draining our energy level, especially when we drink too much too early in the morning. I noticed that when I drink coffee it first gives me a boost ( which I don’t need in the morning, I’m awake immediately) but later in the day it makes me feel sluggish.
When consumed in moderation, coffee can boost energy levels and provide some additional benefits. However, regularly relying on coffee to boost your energy levels, rather than on proper nutrition and sleep, can backfire over the long term. What’s more, clinical studies have shown, caffeine can worsen other mechanisms in the body that are leading to fatigue. “Caffeine actually aggravates adrenal exhaustion and low blood sugars, amplifying the anxiety and stress symptoms and fatigue,” says
 Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, medical director of the national Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers.

Listen, I’m not suggesting you stop drinking coffee entirely. Just skip it in the morning and have only 1-2 cups a day.

So it adds up to this:

Energy is all around us and all we have to do is let it circulate freely in our bodies. It takes only some simple alterations in you daily routines that will make a big difference. You will be proud of yourself after you’ve made them. We must honor our bodies and health.

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