Quotes of great people that inspire me

Have you ever heard someone you admire say something that resonated with you strongly?

I love quotes or philosophical sayings that have great depth and meaning. They cheer me up or sometimes give me the impetus to go within and think about life.

There are many beautiful and deep sayings I can think of, so I created a Category on my blog that is dedicated to inspirational quotes https://www.amirasartistry.com/category/quotes/

And now I want to mention two in particular that I love. Indeed they are so inspirational to me, that i decided a while ago to create a design for them.

The first quote is from Picasso that hit a cord when i heard it:

Everything you can imagine is real! ~ Picasso

I always thought that everything I imagine is somewhere reality. Maybe not visible, but nevertheless REAL. I could never understand why so many people only believe in things they can see touch smell or hear.

That’s a saying by Picasso and I agree with him!

For me, and I think a lot of creative people, it is so clear that what is in my imagination, exists. Maybe one prerequisite to being very creative is to believe in ones imagination. I wrote an article about creativity. You can read it here

The second saying is also about imagination by a man who I think was more spiritual then scientifically inclined than everyone thinks.

Imagination is more important than knowledge ~ Albert Einstein

Isn’t it amazing that a man in the scientific field with huge knowledge tells us that IMAGINATION is more important than that. That gives cause for thought!

Of course for someone like me who has always had a vivid imagination, this statement is like a reassurance.

Albert Einstein said it right: Imagination is more important than knowledge !

This inspired me to make fun designs mostly for myself when I was practicing my skills in Photoshop.

In any case, these quotes still evoke deep feelings and thoughts in me and I hope my designs will inspire many who might have never heard of them.

Best of all, they are available for print on redbubble .

What about you? Do you know quotes you want to share here. Please do.

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